The women’s clothing brand QUEGUAPA was born in 2008: result of insight, commitment and dedication by Gruppo Tessile Ranieri srl. It is the result of a strong passion for fashion and a great professionalism acquired by the Ranieri brothers in more than 40 years of experience in the garment industry.


Italian style and quality are the leitmotif of QUEGUAPA manufacturing. The style is based on a dynamic, seductive, sophisticated woman and it is always up to date with the new fashion trends. The “Made in Italy” quality gives each garment the unmistakable mark of the all-italian production. The range of clothing is designed and made to increase and enhance the wearer’s femininity on both casual occasions and the more glamorous ones, thanks to the perfect fit of garments and materials which are made with great attention to detail.


The trademark symbol has a specific meaning: the infinite indicates youth, freshness, love of life, combined with a passion for quality, professionalism and creativity. The mission is, therefore, to make the women’s clothing unique and youth by enhancing femininity and giving a touch of elegance and sophistication, even on less formal occasions. The key objectives of the brand are always combined with serious attention to market prices: in all QUEGUAPA products, in fact, there is an excellent quality/price ratio.


QUEGUAPA’s aim is to spread “Made in Italy” all over Italy and worldwide and, through an increasingly dense network of retailers and wholesalers, distribute clothing and accessories to its customers by offering sophisticated looks and which are always in touch with the new fashion trends.


The offline brand communication consists of press and billboard advertising. QUEGUAPA is also online, through the website, by sending newsletters and through popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram Google plus. The customers have the possibility to buy our products, steadily interact with the company by informing them in real-time about all the latest news and offers.